Following the news that Apple's iPhone out-sold every smartphone on the market in July, the analyst firm that released the figures has started to backtrack on its statement.

In a statement on its website, iSuppli said it "would like to issue a clarification regarding its press release of Sept. 4 regarding the Apple iPhone’s market share relative to competing smart phone models".

The news, which swept across the techsphere just days before the launch of the company's latest iPod's announcement, appears on closer inspection to be untrue.

"iSuppli’s sell-through research and the subsequent press release indicated that the iPhone outsold all smart phone models in July in the United States on an individual basis", the company said.

"While iSuppli stands by this analysis, it is important to note that iPhone’s retail sales did not exceed the combined retail sales of the entire BlackBerry line of smart phones (approximately twice that of the iPhone if taken in total) in the United States in July.

BlackBerry, it seems is still the smartphone king after all.