What appears to be a leaked ad for the iPhone for when it launches in Germany on 12th November on the T-Mobile network has come to light.

Brought to eager European attention from French Mac site MacBidouille, it shows two major points of particular interest - firstly the iPod touch-matching 16GB capacity and secondly the UMTS/HSDPA 3G connectivity.

The price shown for this 16GB version is 499 euros, which converts to £340, while the cheapest monthly package on offer is around £33.

The advert is not entirely convincing - cause for concern for the ad's authenticity is that it calls the device an "Apple iPod 16GB" at one point.

T-Mobile are said to be the front-runners for the iPhone contract in Germany, just as O2 are for the UK, although recent reports that O2 are updating their network to EDGE, suggesting that we would not get a 3G version of the phone, contradicts this latest news.

Although many speculate a 3G version of the iPhone for Europe would make sense Steve Jobs appears to still be holding the official line that the iPhone doesn't need 3G as it has Wi-Fi.

At the recent "beat goes on" iPod launch, Jobs said, referring to the news wireless iTunes service: "Wi-fi is faster than any 3G cellular network, so it's really fast".

But, adding to the it's-gonna-have-3G speculation is the news that wireless tech company InterDigital has signed a 7-year deal with Apple to provide wireless technology for the company's iPhone as well as any future handsets.

As well as 2G and 2.5G technologies, the firm also provides 3G/HSDPA services, leading analysts to speculate about mobile broadband for the device.

The hot tip is still that Apple will reveal all about the European iPhone at the Apple Expo event in Paris at the end of September, so this seemingly endless speculation may be over soon.