Mio Technology has launched a range of new GPS devices at IFA 2007.

The C620, C620t, P560, P360 and C230 all feature a 400MHz processor, 20 channel SiRFStarIII GPS receiver and, depending on country, a year's worth of speed camera alerts out of the box.

The C620 and C620t feature the new MioMap software, MioMap 2008, which includes the latest Tele Atlas maps with elevation models and 3D landmarks.

Mio Technology’s C620 and C620t will be the first products with digital elevation models and the new MioMap software on the market.

The digital elevation maps and 3D landmarks offer users faster recognition of map locations and a 3D display of maps. The C620 and C620t feature a 4.3-inch widescreen display and split-screen view.

The new MioMap 2008 software sports a new user interface with a redesigned main menu, which Mio says make it easier and more intuitive to use than before.

The split screen view, along with providing routing information, will also make it easier to navigate to other features of the device such as music and phone capabilities.

The P560 and P360 PDA models feature Windows Mobile 6 offers improved time and calendar management and faster access to contacts.

Memory can be expanded on the PDAs upto and even more than 4 GB with SDHC support. The P360 and P560 will be available with MioMap v3. The P560 also features Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

The C230 is a budget model available with MioMap v3 and with Tele Atlas maps of the 22 countries in Western Europe, Mio describe the C230 as perfect for users who are new to GPS navigation or those looking for a second device for the family.

Pricing and availability to be confirmed.