Remember the Palm Foleo we brought you news of back in May?

Well, it should be hitting the shelves over in the States right about now, but it seems is suffering from some major delays.

The smartphone "companion" product was the subject of a recent note from an analyst at investment company Deutsche Bank.

"In a round of checks yesterday we learned that the Palm Foleo will be delayed", stated Jonathan Goldberg.

"The product was supposed to hit Palm stores this week, but was delayed when software bugs were detected."

"These apparently included an inability to synchronize the Foleo with most models of the Treo, in particular the nominally high-volume Treo 680."

"Our contacts indicate Palm now expects the device will ship in late September/early October."

The Foleo was unveiled by Palm as "most exciting" and an entirely "new category of mobile device", although received a luke warm reception from the technology press.

The Foleo is a Linux-based, companion device to Palm smartphones that's designed to give suers a larger, yet still ultra-portable productivity device.

It boasts a 10-inch screen and a full-size keyboard and piggybacks off the phone's connectivity.

The "notify me" section of the Palm Foleo website still says it's coming this summer.