If you like your mobile phone but just wish it was a little more, well, blinged up, then you might be interested in the services that Amosu offer.

Amosu "not just a name it's a brand and a form of art for mobile phones for the Rich, Famous & Sophisticated" can turn your bog-standard phone into a gold plated piece of art.

The UK-based firm offers a wide range of services that vary from off-the-shelf mobiles already given the luxury Amosu treatment, to customisable services for client's existing handsets.

Run by Alexander Amosu, a young entrepreneur who made a bundle from urban ringtones, the service stems from Amuosu's desire to have a dedicated website for high end customised mobiles phones with gold, white gold and various colours of diamonds.

Amosu says: "to have an exclusive phone that cost more than anyone else is like having a Bentley rather than Ford, the type of phone you have speaks a lot about your lifestyle and ambition. That’s why celebrities, footballers, actors and millionaires get their phone from me".

The collections offered come in two forms, Luxury or Fashion, depending on whether you're a playa or a player.

The Luxury versions are made with Cartier quality diamond and phones range from £2000 to £1 million, Fashion Version are cheaper and are made with Zirconia diamonds or gold plated from around £200 upwards.

If you like your current mobile, but want to give it the Midas treatment, Amosu can help you out with a 24 carat gold customisation from around £265, iPods can also be treated, from around £300.