Levi Strauss has shown off its new mobile phone to press in London as its gets ready for its UK launch.

The new phone, which looks more like a packet of 10 cigarettes than a mobile phone, will come complete with Levi Strauss branding and dog chain to give it that "Cutting edge look".

The stainless steel studded finish can be customised in over 500 different ways according to it makers and it will be available in silver, black or brown.

According to Levi, the phone offers 40MB internal memory, a microSD slot and a 2 megapixel camera although those looking for a crisp screen will be disappointed: it's only 65K unfortunately.

Keeping with the "rouge" element, the phone also sports a number of "Rock" ring tones, although a spokesman for the company assured us this didn't mean Bon Jovi or Levi advert has-beens Stiltskin.

As might be expected, there will be a range of denim cases to accompany the phone.