Samsung has announced that it has teamed up with Ted Baker and Carphone Warehouse to launch an exclusive handset in the run up to Christmas in the UK.

The new range will consist of two new models, one by Samsung, the other by HTC.

The new Samsung model, which will be based on the yet unreleased S760 will feature a 2 megapixel camera, MP3 player and 3G connectivity.

Hoping to differentiate itself from the crowd, the slider will sport a shirt button button instead of the usual central menu button key, paying homage to the high street fashion label.

The handsets, which are still in early prototype stage are due to be released later this year, will come in three colours: Reef Blue, Coffee and Rouge.

Ted Baker has also announced the impending launch of the Ted Baker Tyrian, a variant of the HTC Touch.

Both Carphone Warehouse and Ted Baker are claiming exclusivity in its form factor, however fans of the HTC Touch will see that its just a slightly shorter and stubbier version of the smartphone handset launched earlier this year.

It will come in exclusive purple, but still feature Wi-Fi, TouchFLO and Windows Mobile 6 software.

The phones will be available in November.

Pricing has yet to be set for the handsets, however Carphone Warehouse has said that customer should expect to pay a premium over standard handsets.