A mobile phone charging service, called Quickie, has launched in the UK.

The Quickie machines offer mobile phone users a chance to charge their phones at popular public locations around the country.

The Quickie machines are large coin-operated mobile phone chargers that gives batteries a "powerful emergency charge" in 10 minutes.

The service will cost you a quid, and each machine can charge multiple phones at once. People can still use their phone while it is being charged.

Nigel Botterill, the CEO of N5, the company behind the launch said:

"We no longer use our phones to make a simple call - we take photos, videos, listen to music, download emails – all sorts of things, but all of which drain our phone’s battery power immensely."

"Quickie machines already proving successful in America and the Middle East, and in particular the Far East – who are admittedly a year or so ahead of the UK in terms of mobile phone technology."

Over the next 2 years the company plan to have 10,000 "Quickie" machines in hotels, coffee shops, supermarkets and sports clubs across the UK.