This pocket-sized device is claiming to be the world's first to stream tunes from your mobile phone, let you talk hands-free and charge your devices on the move.

As with most FM transmitters, the Venturi Mini plugs into your car’s cigarette lighter socket with no installation required.

But, thanks to the Bluetooth connectivity, you can answer an incoming call at the push of a button and your music is automatically paused while you talk hands-free.

The Venturi Mini uses brand new noise eliminating technology which it claims gives crystal clear hands-free audio.

The A2DP technology allows high quality stereo audio to be transferred from your phone or MP3 player using Bluetooth 2.0.

You can connect up to four separate A2DP music enabled mobile phones and also attach your MP3 player.

With the Mini you can control your music and handle calls using the simple scrollwheel interface and natural white OLED display.

Instructions and messages are also transferred wirelessly to your car’s radio display for minimal distraction.

The Venturi Mini will be available in September in stores and online, via the link below, and will cost £79.99.