Now launched and available in the UK for £15 a month on an 18-month contract, the Omego mobile is designed and made especially for kiddies.

Although when we say that, it's actually really for parents, and especially for their peace of mind about their beloved offspring.

This walkie talkie-esque handset is simple to use for the under-10 market, but crucially has been designed to be controlled by mum and dad.

Parents can control the phone via a website (password protected) where they can set up a list of up to 40 allowed numbers (both for incoming and outgoing calls and texts) and set times the phone will be turned on.

Apparently one major reason parents hesitate to issue their kids with mobiles is the fear of them getting mugged for the devices.

No such worries here. Not only does would the handset's clunky looks likely repel muggers, but if it is lost or stolen there's no way to override those pre-set numbers.

The GSM handset comes pre-installed with "educational" games, a calender and to-do list functions. Find out more via the link below.