The "Texperts" have announced a new Mobile Find service that takes the stress out of finding quick and accurate information via your mobile phone.

Users can now simply text a question to the Texperts at 66000 and receive an answer back within minutes.

The new Texperts service (formally known as 82ASK) has more than 200 professional finders from around the globe answering questions day and night on individual topics such as travel, restaurants, shopping, health, music and sport.

"We have the best and the brightest people available answering your specific questions so whether you want to find out where to get a certain type of shoe or how to file your taxes in Germany, we can help as quickly as possible."

"Our Texperts are hand-picked for their speed and intelligence and only 1 in 10 applications make the grade."

Answers from the Texperts cost £1. Just text your question to 66000 and it will be answered as quickly as possible.