The Carphone Warehouse surveyed 2000 people via YouGov to discover just where and when people tend to lose their mobile phones.

The results identified that the most likely time for someone to have their mobile phone lost or stolen is 3.43pm on a Saturday.

The most common locations for losing mobiles are either in a pub or on public transport.

The research found that the number one "danger zone" for mobiles was a pub or club, with 21% of those surveyed having had a mobile lost or stolen there.

This was followed by public transport (12%) and when in the street (11%).

28% admitted to having been drinking alcohol when their phone was lost or stolen.

The most likely time period for losing your mobile is 3-6pm.

Based on its analysis of the research data, Carphone Warehouse believes that most phones are lost or stolen when people are in the pub watching football or out shopping on a Saturday afternoon.