Fujitsu Siemens is to "exit" the handheld and handheld navigation business by the end of the year.

Citing a dwindling market, the manufacturer will fulfill current running projects and customer demands. In a statement issued today the company said:

"The traditional Handheld segment (PDA) is shrinking since years. More and more player are leaving this field."

"These products are replaced more and more by either specific devices such as GPS Navigation devices or by smart phones."

FSC has assured investors that handhelds and navigation systems were never planned to be a core business for FSC, and neither were they a big money spinner for the company.

After the handheld range is dropped from their product line up, Fujistu Siemens will continue to concentrate resources on their "core" business - notebooks and tablet PCs.

Stating that: "There are many exiting new technologies waiting to be explored further and integrated into our growing portfolio of business and consumer notebooks", they gave a brief hint of what might be coming soon:

"We see huge potential in this area with innovations like Solid State Disk, Backlit technology, energy saving, enhanced connectivity."