The AA's publishing arm, who produce the AA branded atlases, maps and travel guides, has launched the AA Smart TravelGuide.

Providing you with your own interactive travel guide and map, direct from your S60 phone, Smart TravelGuide: London is the first to be published.

It will be available exclusively through Stanfords and WHSmith Travel stores during August, and from a wider range of retailers after this.

With mapping info from the Ordnance Survey the new guide is to be sold on a memory card and will cost £24.99.

Using the guide you will be able to search points of interest including sights, things to do, AA-rated restaurants and hotels by category, name or proximity.

The info supplied for these kinds of locations includes a contact telephone number with click-to-call options (take that calamari-loving iPhone owners).

The Smart TravelGuides will offer street mapping at 1:10,000 scale, and if your moby has GPS-functionality you can access a moving map and record-tracking function.

Smart TravelGuides for a further 12 European cities as well as New York will be released by Spring 2008.