Fly Mobile has announced the launch of its brand new SL600 mobile phone.

In case you're not familiar with the name - Fly launched in the UK last year and specialises in pre-pay mobiles.

The SL600, which is available exclusively from Woolworths on the Vodafone network for £59.99, also boasts a 2.0 megapixel camera, video recorder, stereo Bluetooth and MP3 music player all built into a (RIZR-esque?) slider design.

Claiming a first for a UK mobile phone, the SL600 lets users record live radio at the touch of a button or schedule a recording to start at a certain time.

We guess they're not that au fait with the Nokia 3300 that can record from the integrated FM radio, but we'll not be picky.

A spokesperson for Fly Mobile said: "Lots of phones have had radios but this is the first in the UK to let users easily record radio programmes onto their phone memory or memory card".

"Lovers of the breakfast show can set the phone up to record it safe in the knowledge they will not miss a moment and can listen whenever they like."