The Emporia Life is an Austrian manufactured mobile phone designed for the older generation that goes on sale in the UK this week.

Communic8 Ltd are the official UK distributor and will be working with the RNIB to promote the easy-to-use mobile.

The Emporia Life mobile offers a no-nonsense, back-to-basics alternative to new-fangled, tech-packed modern mobiles that is aimed at "the older generation".

Emporia Life's features include a large screen and display, oversized and easy to use buttons, and a super loud speaker and ring volume.

The phone has a vibration alert to ensure the owner knows when someone is calling. Its orange backlight is apparently particularly helpful for people with sight problems, and the phone has added features for those with hearing difficulties, as it is compatible with digital hearing aids.

The phone also has a large red emergency button that can be programmed to call, or send a pre-written text to up to five designated numbers for help.

It will be available in retailers soon, but for now it can be bought directly from Communic8 Ltd or the RNIB on a Vodafone PAYG package for £169.99.

Link below.