Thanks to Borders new mobile marketing campaign, readers can now download book samples to try before they buy.

This new initiative will see Borders becoming the world’s first book retailer to distribute book content direct to mobiles.

Using a mobile technology platform developed by ICUE, Borders will offer exclusive chapter samplers to customers in advance of the title being released.

These will be delivered free of charge to the customer’s mobile phone, together with a discount that may be redeemed in store once the title is available to buy.

If you are interested in getting involved then choose samplers shown on, once you’ve selected a title just text a key word to a short code (full instructions on the site) then you'll get a text in reply with a click to download the content.

By clicking, you will connects to the Internet and the sampler is downloaded to your phone where it can be saved in an applications file.

The chapter sampler will have a welcome chapter, information on release date, the first chapter text and a message/barcode number offering an exclusive discount that can be redeemed in-store.

A total of 30 new titles will be promoted each month at Borders.