The rumours of an iPhone launch in Europe thicken even further today with the rumour that T-Mobile will be getting the iPhone in Germany on 1 November this year.

The news, from an article in German newspaper Rheinische Post, coincides with the news posted on Pocket-lint earlier today that contract legalities between German and UK lawyers caused delays of the announcement.

According to the article, the iPhone will sell for 450 euros (£300 or $612, $13 more expensive than the US offering) and be exclusive to T-Mobile following a bidding war by it and Vodafone with T-Mobile winning out at the 11th hour. There has been no confirmation however, of the rumours the European version of the iPhone may incorporate 3G technology.

Apple hasn't confirmed a date for the launch in the UK other than it will be launched at the tail end of the year in Europe.

Earlier today rumours suggested that an announcement would be made on the sale of 1 million iPhones sold.

The rumour that T-Mobile alongside Vodafone would be getting the iPhone started Friday, with an announcement due on Monday 2 July, which however failed to materialise.

Quoting German sources, Guy Kewney from reports today that so far the deal has been held up by legal wrangling, he quotes his sources:

"What we're hearing is that there was a contract drawn up in Germany; but that when Vodafone's Newbury lawyers saw it, they said they weren't signing a contract under German law, and it had to be re-drafted under UK legislation."