Advanced MP3 Players have unveiled the Samsin SBS-6600 Bluetooth Wireless Stereo Speakers that are available to buy now.

No wires between the two speakers allow the Samsins to claim to be the world’s first fully wireless Bluetooth portable speaker system.

Simply grab your Bluetooth-enabled mobile or Bluetooth MP3 player, place the fully wireless left and right stereo speakers at either side of your room (or wherever you want), press the pairing button, and the boast is that in seconds you’ll be listening to crystal clear music pumping wirelessly from your Bluetooth device.

You get 8 hours of play time from a single charges and the Samsin SBS-6600 speaker's clamshell design that means they fit neatly into the protective carry shell case provided further enhancing their portability credentials.

£69.99, link to the site below.