JAJAH is today taking on traditional VoIP players with the launch of its "Dump your headsets" campaign.

The campaign is designed to make people aware of Jajah's advantages over existing VoIP solutions.

The tongue in cheek campaign will rewards users who "creatively dispose of their existing headset" and post video evidence on Jajah's specially created portal at www.noheadset.com.

"Headsets are symbols of the old VoIP. People are turned off by complicated downloads, needing to have contracts and being limited by making calls from their PC.

Despite recent advancements and announcements from some VoIP companies, there is nothing else with the simplicity of Jajah which allows you to make free or ultra
cheap calls from your own phone", said Roman Scharf, Jajah co-founder.

Jajah users simply enter their phone number along with the number they wish to call and Jajah does the rest, connecting both parties.

Jajah calls are generally free between registered Jajah users for up to 30 minutes a day to the most called places on Earth. And when they are not free, they are low-cost.

Recently infused with strong investments from Intel and Deutsche Telecom, Jajah wants to revolutionise how people make calls.