Levi Strauss & Co has joined a select band of fashion labels to launch an own-branded mobile phone, a "natural progression" according to the company.

The Modelabs-designed phone will be made out of sadly not denim, but steel, with a sturdy riveted steel casing and will feature a belt loop type gizmo so that you can attach it to your jeans with a chain.

Not much has been revealed in the way of spec, the handset will have a camera, a music player (perhaps pre-loaded with all those great Levi ad tunes from years gone by?) and some media playing abilities.

Info about colour schemes was provided - the phone will come in black, brown (really? one word: Zune) and silver/metallic varieties. Lady-versions with shiny mirror elements will also be launched.

The Levi phone will be available in Europe in September, apparently from 270 quid. Gulp.