MYiOTA today launched a mobile information service aimed at tennis fans who want to be kept up-to-date with events as the they unfold at this year’s Wimbledon.

To get up and running simply text "iota sport" to 60060 and for an initial set-up fee of 50p consumers can receive point by point updates as Wimbledon's biggest sports stars battle it out on court.

Once installed, users of MYiOTA will also have access to other services including News, Entertainment, Business & Money, People & Blogs, Football and Fashion.

The service offers both free and paid for information but claims to differ from existing services in that MYiOTA is incredibly easy to use and quick.

Many of the MYiOTA services are free and where a charge is applicable, you are notified in advance. Typically data charges range between £0.002 to £0.02 per request for information.

"Our mission is to get consumers using their mobiles to get information. As it stands the whole process of requesting and receiving information on your mobile is costly and painfully slow. With MYiOTA we’re changing that and with the services we have planned we are confident we will change mobile consumer behaviour for good", said Bruce Eley, CEO of MYiOTA.

To download the MYiOTA application to your mobile phone handset, simply text "iota sport" to 60060, (cost 50p) or get it for FREE by typing into your mobile browser.