Opera Software today released the Opera Mini 4 beta giving you a sneak preview of the newest version of Opera's pioneering web browser for all Java-enabled mobile phones.

Opera Mini 4 beta is a complete redesign of web browser and the new overview mode claims to "empower people to browse their favorite Web sites, just like they do on their PC".

So how does it work? Opera Mini uses a remote server to pre-process web pages before sending them to your phone. web content is compressed to reduce the size of data transferred, enabling handling on simpler phones and creating fast browsing at lower costs.

Opera Mini 4 beta features a new zoom feature - when zooming, Opera Mini dives into the page and then "snaps" to the content so scrolling is smooth while accessing your desired content straight away.

Opera Mini 4 beta boasts to be more than twice as fast as any other mobile browser and is available now, for free, from the link below.