WidSets has launched a Jaiku microblog widget for your mobile phone.

Enabling users to post thoughts (Jaikus) on what they're doing, how they're feeling, or where they're going right now, Jaiku community members can also interact in real-time by responding to individual posts, share "lifestream" information like photos and personal blog entries.

"Our Jaiku widget brings the microblogging experience straight to the mobile phone, enabling community members to stay connected 24/7", said Ulla Särkikangas, director, consumer internet services, Nokia emerging business unit.

"Jaiku was made for mobile users and we're delighted that WidSets is enabling a living, growing conversation among people around the world through the use of the Jaiku widget", added Jyri Engeström, Jaiku co-founder.

WidSets widgets work across most mobile phone brands and are compatible with more than 300 mobile devices.

Find out more via the link below.