GestureTek, the makers of the PS2 EyeToy, have announced that NTT DoCoMo in Japan (no strangers to bonkers phone tech) will be using their EyeMobile gesture recognition technology into two new FOMA 904i series handsets (pictured).

Undoubtedly created on the back of the success of Nintendo's Wii, the new phones, being launched in Japan this month, will use motion-sensing technology for mobile phone games.

Unlike the Wiimote, which uses accelerometer technology, GestureTek's take on motion-controlled gaming is a software-based innovation that uses the handset's built-in cameras, not as accurate as the Wii's way of working but innovative none the less.

"The software processes one image and compares it to the next to see how objects have moved in relation to each other to determine motion", said Francis MacDougall, founder and chief technology officer of GestureTek.

"DoCoMo loved the technology because it didn't require them to redesign the handset. It was just a software upgrade."

The new phones will recognise three types of motion that NTT DoCoMo are calling shake, rock and roll. Shake could be used to roll dice, rock recognises right, left, up and down movements and roll relates to tilting motions.

Gesture-sensing for map browsing will be introduced later in the year and eventually the technology could be used for more mudane applications such as web browsing.

Do slow down old chaps, we're only just getting to grips with touch-controlled phones...