Wayfinder has launched a new device that will allow you to track speed cameras on your phone as long as you've got a GPS unit connected.

With a whopping 4890 safety camera manning our roads, dwarfing the totals for Germany (3099), Italy (1938), France (972) and Spain (615) Wayfinder says its new device will help you not lose your license.

Called Wayfinder SpeedAlert, you can use your mobile phone as a safety camera warning system or as a visual and audible reminder of speed limits, wherever you are in Western Europe.

The Wayfinder SpeedAlert software can be easily downloaded over-the-air onto your mobile phone – without the need for a PC – and once up and running it requires no further input from the driver.

Utilising GPS functionality, the phone knows the car’s location relative to a database of over 17,000 safety camera locations and gives both visual and audible warnings of approaching traffic observation areas, such as speed or red-light cameras.

In addition, the GPS functionality can also plot the car’s location relative to local speed limits throughout Western Europe, with the maximum speed feature giving visual and audible warnings if you are exceeding the speed limit. Drivers can choose to select their own maximum speed level and then operate the function at the push of a single button, and once activated the system also requires no further input from the driver.

Warnings of active safety cameras are given at least 20 seconds before reaching the camera’s location, giving the driver plenty of time to safely consider the car’s speed and slow down where necessary, thereby avoiding the need for any late, sudden or even panic actions.

Updated camera locations are continually being added to the database and the Wayfinder SpeedAlert user can select how frequently their mobile checks the database to add new information.

Drivers can also sign up free of charge to join the Wayfinder SpeedAlert user network, allowing users to add, and be informed of the very latest speed camera locations. The user supplied information is checked and verified as accurate before being added to the database – in as little as ten minutes – to inform drivers of new traffic observation areas almost as they are set up.

Wayfinder SpeedAlert is launched in the UK in June. A lifetime’s subscription to the software and 12 month’s access to the camera database is available for £54.99 or can be purchased with a bundled Wayfinder SiRF III GPS receiver for £109.99. Repeat database subscriptions will be available for around £10.

To get the application, users need to text "ALERT" to +46 70 903 2017.