In a surprise video appearance at The NextWeb conference in Amsterdam, Digg's founder Kevin Rose revealed what the next 6 to 12 months has in store for the user driven social content site.

Digg's remit will be expanding from just news, videos, and podcasts to encompass such diverse areas as restaurant reviews, product reviews, and images.

In a Web 3.0-flavoured move, Rose also announced that Digg will become more personal to users.

Rather than just being able to see what is popular, the site will offer a more customised service to each individual user based on their interests.

These moves are seen as further attempts by Digg to try to appeal a wider audience.

Launched with an emphasis on technology stories, it is unsurprising that current Digg users are seen to be a geeky audience, but there are suggestions that if Digg wants to become a major web player it needs to increase its audience to more mainstream areas.