Slightly at odds with the story we posted earlier in the week about yoof passing on their outdated gadgets to their elderly rellies, a new survey shows that young Brits are so in love with their mobile phones that they find it hard to give up their old handsets, even when they're not using them anymore.

According to the results of a research report by Mopay that questioned over 2,000 consumers, 54% of 18-24 year old Brits hoard one or more spare mobiles and 18% are reluctant to give them up because of emotional attachment.

Slightly more juicy revelations from the survey showed that guilty secrets could be another reason for not handing old phones over.

19% of the surveyed admitted they're hiding saucy texts, 15% are keeping revealing photos of someone else, 6% are keeping revealing videos of other people and 5% are holing onto revealing videos of themselves, those krazy kids.

Obviously Mopay's angle here, as the consumer arm of ShP Solutions which recycles handsets for businesses and charities, is to raise awareness of mobile phone recycling.

The Mopay website now boasts the largest mobile phone recycling database in the UK accepting over 2,000 mobile phones and PDA devices (both working and non-working) from 27 manufacturers.

Recycling your old phone can earn you (or if you're feeling particularly virtuous) your charity of choice some cold, hard cash – as well as helping the environment. Find out more via the link below.