A new product due to go on sale late this summer in the States means you'll never miss another call on your "cellphone" again.

The BlueQ Bluetooth-enabled wristband automatically vibrates when your phone rings in order to alert you to a call coming through, so if your phone is set to silent, or deep in a pocket or bag, you'll know when to start delving frantically for it.

Not the most sexy-looking product, if you don't like the functional black look of the wrist strap as supplied then never fear as you get "Qskin" paper included that will allow you customise to your heart's content, although we think this has potential to be worse than the out-of-the-box black.

The wrist strap boasts a 30-hour battery life, an on/off button and a Transfer button to send the call back to your phone to answer it.

The wristband works within 9 metres of your mobile, so should suit even the most gorilla-armed among us.

From BQ Wireless (see link below) this will cost $39.95 and is going to be available in late July. Or you could just save up for one of the watches in the Fossil Bluetooth range instead…