Bluetrek has announced the availability of the MINI, its latest Bluetooth device.

The MINI is a Bluetooth headset that is compatible with all Bluetooth V1.2-enabled phones and PDAs, and weighing in at just 10 grams and measuring only 41 x 19mm, it's not just a clever name.

The headset comes complete with a neck clip/lanyard and the dubious claim; "When worn as a necklace, the MINI becomes an ideal fashion accessory that's comfortable and easy to wear, topping off any outfit whether for work or for the weekend".

We find the fashion accessory angle less than convincing (not sure our "outfits" need "topping off") but are more convinced by the wee product's adequate spec and low price.

With its metallic chrome finishing, sleek design and boast of seven hours continuous talk time, ten days standby time and a ten-metre range, this teeny telephonic accessory seems to more than justify its £29 price tag.