Recent findings from internet media and market research firm Nielsen/NetRatings has garnered some surprising results about the UK's web population.

Women in the 18 to 34 age group account for 18% of all online Britons and they also spend the most time online - accounting for 27% more of the total UK computer time than their male counterparts.

While these results might surprise some, even more will be interested to learn that of UK males active online, the 50 plus age group is the most prevalent.

Overall, the UK's internet population is split almost equally between males (51.5%) and females (48.5%).

Big divides show up in the age-groups of the sexes – there are twice as many women aged 18 to 34 than girls under 18 or women 50 plus active online while in contrast, amongst males active online, there are twice as many men aged 50+ than boys under 18 active online.

Under 18s account for just 4% of all UK computer time – or 2 minutes of every hour Britons spend on computers.

Makes you wonder, when do they find the time to update their MySpace accounts? Oh sorry, that's what all the 50 plus men are busy doing...