Palm Europe Limited today announced free TomTom NAVIGATOR 6 GPS Package for all customers purchasing Palm Treo 680, 750 or 750v smartphones before June 30, 2007.

This special offer, running through May and June 2007 means anyone purchasing a new Palm Treo smartphone will receive a plug & go expansion card with TomTom NAVIGATOR 6 for the UK, Bluetooth GPS receiver, vehicle device cradle and power adapter - offering total savings of approximately £155. Installation is simple, you just need to insert the card into your Palm Treo smartphone and TomTom NAVIGATOR 6 then loads instantly.

In addition to entering addresses TomTom NAVIGATOR 6 can also be used to navigate to addresses in the contacts' list of the Treo smartphone so you will know how to find the addresses you need wherever you are. Navigation instructions can be both spoken and visual. The visual instructions come as clear 2D or 3D maps that are highly detailed, including hundreds of reference points to help find petrol stations, restaurants, parks, airports, and several other points of interest in the UK.

The TomTom software has been designed to integrate seamlessly with the Palm Treo smartphone interface. This means you can toggle between your satnav software and phone at the touch of a button, to ensure phone calls and text messages don't go unanswered. So, if you needed an excuse to upgrade your handset to a smartphone, this is a pretty good one…

For further information about the TomTom satnav offer visit the link below.