The Siemens Gigaset E455 SIM digital cordless phone has just been launched in the UK and claims to be one of the most robust phones on the market.

There is no need to worry about stains and spillages with this phone, as the Siemens Gigaset E455 SIM is splash and dust proof, it comes equipped with rubber pads for shock protection, meaning you also no longer need to worry about dropping and smashing it if you are trying to multi-task and failing miserably.

Features haven't been compromised though - the Siemens Gigaset E455 ably assists with a memory for 150 names and numbers accessible at the touch of a button.

It also boasts a SIM card reader/writer to transfer the directory of your mobile to the handset meaning no time need be spent laboriously tapping each individual contact in. The digital answer machine has a 35 minute recording time, and it had an SMS feature.

This phone is going to cost around £74.99 (also available without integrated answering machine for around £54.99). Additional Gigaset E45 handsets retail at £49.99.