If you've been watching Hereos then this smartphone will be no stranger to you. The popular device with the Cheerleader is one that may pop over this side of the ocean soon.

Much like the early Nokia’s with the interchangeable fascias, the Sidekick iD from T-Mobile can be personalised throughout. The phone incorporates all the popular youth communication technologies as well as colour and sound.

It has easily removable and replaceable exterior panels to fit different colours, shades and patterns to reflect your mood - but most of all it is feature packed. With the standard voice calling the phone uses a swivel screen that flips to reveal the full QWERTY keyboard with always-connected access to email, instant messaging (AIM, Yahoo and Windows Live Messenger), and text messaging.

The device can handle up to 10 IM conversations at a time on its 2.4-inch screen with 65K colours and 240 x 160 pixels with a full HMTL Web browser with enhancements for faster downloading.

This has all the multi-media functions including a 1.3MP camera, Bluetooth connectivity and music player with a 2GB optional memory card.

The Sidekick iD looks like it could knock the socks of any multimedia phone, with the ability to set up three email accounts on the device.

We will keep you posted on UK availability.