If you've experienced losing your phone or having it stolen, it is not always reliable relying on the police or mobile networks to get it back. A new services promises to give you the power to track its whereabouts and save all your personal information.

Yougetitback.com will be available in the UK from May and claims to be the first e-tag for electronic devices such as mobile phones and PDAs. The system will immediately prevent anyone using the phone.

This snazzy development in electronic tagging promises to provide a denial of service, remote delete, data backup and recovery, and guaranteed replacement functions. So when a PDA is lost users visit the website and activate an e-tag wallpaper on their lost electronic device.

The wallpaper sits on the phone screen and only allows the Yougetitback’s 24/7 call centre to be contacted. The company claim to actively help return the lost item back to its rightful owner.

It has an extra feature for owners with sensitive information, a remote backup and delete facility should a phone not be returned. The company can then store and transfer contact information to new phones.

If the mobile or PDA is found unexpectedly by the owner, the e-tag can be deactivated at any time.

We will keep you posted on service costs.