A quarter of managers responsible for mobile communications do not understand enough about mobile technology to make an effective decision about their price plan, according to T-Mobile.

Despite thinking they pay too much for mobile services, almost a third say their company has not reviewed its mobile costs for 2 or more years, in the survey carried out by T-Mobile and YouGov.

The survey also found that a quarter are struggling to make effective mobile communications purchasing decisions because they don’t understand enough about mobile technology, and a fifth find price plans too complex to understand.

The survey also asked what mobile technology SME managers consider to be a "must have" in order to stay ahead of the competition.

Internet-enabled mobile phones were the top choice (24%), followed by virtual private networks (22%) and Wi-Fi Hotspots (21%), whilst BlackBerrys and satellite navigation were considered the joint fourth "must have" by 20% of those surveyed.

Not surprisingly 62% said they would be more likely to use Wi-Fi HotSpots if they were included in their overall price plans.