A survey of over 230 grandchildren has revealed that mobile phones are a key method of communicating with their grandparents.

Thirty-three per cent of grandchildren under 21 claimed that they keep in contact with their grandparents via mobile phone, a close second behind fixed line telephones at 40%.

Additionally, 6% communicate using text messages, with letters (10%) and email (9%) also common channels for correspondence.

Keeping abreast with technology such as mobile phones appears to be enhancing relations between grandchildren and their grandparents; 48% of respondents reported spending more than an hour a week either with their grandparents or communicating with them.

Furthermore, when asked if they had ever taught their grandparents a new skill, 37% claimed that they had taught them to use a mobile phone, with 14% also teaching them to send text messages.

The survey was carried out by Girlings Retirement Options a specialist in private retirement rentals.