The company behind the USB AA batteries that charged via a USB port has announced that it is turning its technology to the mobile phone market.

The company, Moixa Energy has announced that it working on a range of mobile phone and PDA batteries, that have the ability to charge from any USB port.

Details are still sketchy, and the company hasn't yet announced which mobile phones the batteries will be available for.

It has said however, that all the circuitry/connections will be built into the battery, negating the need for plugs, travel adaptors or calling the concierge for hours in a foreign country asking for a charger for a particular phone.

According to the company, the convenience of the USBCELL means that you don’t have to carry around a separate charger or cables, and can charge it anywhere you have a USB socket.

However unlike devices charged via an AA battery most mobile phones offer charging via a USB cable already giving you the ability to still receive and make calls while the phone is on.

We will keep you posted.