O2 isn't the only one adjusting its roaming rates today; T-Mobile have also announced changes, this time to their data rates abroad for business customers.

All business customers will have their roaming charges slashed, from £7/MB to £3/MB, from the 16th February.

The company has chosen to cut the rates for business customers first because they're the ones who most often download while abroad.

The prices will apply when travelling in Austria, Czech Republic, Croatia, Germany, Hungary, Netherlands, Poland, Slovakia, the UK, and the US; these are all countries in which T-Mobile operates.

The charges apply to data both sent and received, and does not apply to customers using Officlink, BlackBerry email, or the Sidekick.

A T-Mobile spokesperson confirmed that similar roaming charges would be cut this summer for non-business customers.

"This announcement will ensure that our business customers can benefit from improved communications and increased business efficiency through the freedom to use mobile data services, in key business locations, at a significantly reduced cost", commented Derek Williamson, Head of Business Marketing.