The 3GSM conference in Barcelona is only a few hours old, and already it seems that the focus this year for many manufacturers are smartphones.

I-mate, which calls itself the specialist in Windows Mobile devices, has announced an Ultimate range of 3G smartphones, as well as the JAQ4, the first of its devices to ship with Windows Mobile 6, and the SPL range for the youth market.

In the Ultimate range are five mobiles that include candybar, PDA, and notebook replacement devices.

Each will run on a 530MHz processor with 128MB RAM, feature XGA video out, HSDPA connectivity, and a 262k touchscreen.

They will work on quad-band GSM/EDGE and Tri-band UMTS, and have Wi-Fi connectivity, as well as 256MB of memory, Bluetooth, expandable memory, a 2MP camera, and FM radio.

The JAQ4 looks like a more streamlined and chic model than its predecessor, and follows a PDA form factor, with a QWERTY keypard.

It features GPS, a 2.8-inch touchscreen that supports stylus use, and a five-way joystick and scroll wheel for navigation.

“The combination of i-mate’s new Ultimate line and Windows Mobile 6 will deliver a powerful range of phones that bring a familiar, personal computer experience to the small screen with features that help customers stay on top of their jobs when they’re away from the office", said Pieter Knook, senior VP of Mobile and Embedded Devices at Microsoft.

Finally, there's the SPL range of brightly coloured mobiles in red, pink, black, and blue, designed for the 18-34-year-olds. They incorporate consumer features like a 2MP camera and video shooting.