The company behind VoIP service Gizmo Project has launched a new little service called Gizmo Call.

This VoIP service differentiates itself by let you make a call simply by typing a number into a field in a browser and clicking “call”.

It works via a flash plugin that loads when you access the page.

However, it has major drawbacks in that you only get 5 minutes total calling per day, or double that if you register with your email address.

If you want to use more than that you have to buy Call Out minutes; calls to Google Talk users, Windows Live users, Gizmo Project users, and any SIP address or device are free.

For the great majority of users, this will probably be most useful for quick calls like for take away, as 5 minutes isn't very long.

In addition to Gizmo call, SIPphone also operate Gizmo Project, which operates a bit like Skype.