Snowboarding apparel manufacturers all seem to have come to the conclusion that boarders want to be connected to their electronics while on the slopes.

In addition to Burton and Quiksilver, whose ranges Pocket-lint has written about in the last few weeks, O'Neill has also designed a range of interactive clothing, the H.3 series.

O'Neill has managed to fit its Fat Controller gloves with a wireless remote control to select and play from the iPod. A small transmitter is fitted to the iPod's dock connector and then communicates with the gloves' receivers.

A small, thumb-controlled joystick that operates like a click wheel is integrated into the top of the right-hand glove.

O'Neill also offers a Video Backpack that protects the camcorder snugly and provides a flex lens that lets you record while the camcorder is inside the pack.

The operating functions of the camcorder are controlled by a joystick in the shoulder strap; it also features a Bluetooth module for mobile phone calls.

The Audio Beanie integrates tiny earphone into the earflaps, so that you can listen to music without worrying that your earbuds are going to pop out.

And finally, there are two jackets, the iPod jacket, and the Entertainment and Communications Jacket. The iPod jacket has soft touch remote controls on the sleeve, while the Entertainment nd Communications Jacket features an iPod “entertainment system” as well as Bluetooth module, microphone in the collar, and headphone jack in the chest pocket.

The H4 series will look much the same, but will be slightly updated for next season.