A new mobile phone application has launched which promises to store all your mobile phone numbers online in case your mobile phone is stolen.

Called Mobyko, the site offers a simple and free way to safely store everything on your mobile phone online and access it from anywhere in the world 24/7.

Mobyko is independent, works across most UK mobile phones and networks and currently supports around 150 mobile phones.

Data is stored on the website and you can access it at anytime. You can even use the Mobyko website to text everyone in your address book to let them know if your mobile has been lost or stolen. What’s more you can also save your mobile pictures, videos and precious text messages online.

The service although free does have a premium option which gives you 10 video and art downloads, a personalised daily news service, extra storage for all your personal pictures, videos and texts and access to a customer helpline should you have any difficulties with the service.