Sagem has announced a new mobile phone ahead of 3GSM. Although it's told Pocket-lint that it will be announcing their top new handsets at 3GSM, they have just launched their new Jan/Feb range.

There are four new handsets to contend with; the my501x and my401c available on T-Mobile, the my202c available on both T-Mobile and Orange, and finally the my215x available on Vodafone.

The my501x will feature a 1.3 megapixel camera, MP3 player, video player and Bluetooth. It will also sport tri-band connectivity and come with Bluetooth support. Available in white it will cost £59.99.

The my401c will sport a VGA camera, be tri-band, offer Bluetooth and come in black and silver or silver and pink. It will cost £49.99.

The my202c is a compact "baby clamshell" and focuses on SMS and voice. Dual band and lacking a camera it will cost £29.99 and is available in pink and black or red and black.

Finally Sagem has announced the my215x. Designed for music-lovers out there this model offers voice, messaging and MP3 player functionality in a slim and slique handset. Available in black it will cost £39.99.