If, like most parents, you are worried that your kids are playing video games too much and no getting any exercise a new device might just help solve the problem.

A UK company called Gymkids has launched Cyberbike, a self-contained games console come exercise bike for the 4-8 year age group that will enable children to take exercise whilst still enjoying the gaming experience.

The £100 Gymkids Cyberbike connects to a standard television and enables the user to control the game's character by pedalling to create speed, while turning the bike handlebars controls direction and using the brake stops it.

The console currently has five games, one of which looks very similar to Nintendo's classic Paperboy and sees you cycling around the streets on a bicycle, while another is very similar to arcade classic Frogger.

The product also features a sport mode, which allows the user to ride the bike around different cycle tracks across the world. The program shows the bike travelling around the track and displays its speed, distance travelled and energy burned so they can work to better their scores on a weekly basis.

The company has said that it will be launching a larger model for kids aged 7-11 as well as an additional add on console with a further seven games.

The company also a range of other excerise products for children including a miniature treadmill, airwalkers, and rowing machines.