There are a great many mobile phone models that are launched elsewhere in the world that the UK and US markets never get to see.

DoCoMo is Japan's top wireless operator and unveils new handsets at a rate of knots, but its mobiles rarely make it outside the Asian market.

On of its latest handset is a clamshell that incorporates two touchscreens, rather than a screen in one half and a keypad in the other.

The D800iDS lets users type phone numbers on an on-screen keypad, and write and draw with either their fingers or a stylus. It will be able to send hand-written text messages as well as drawings made on the touchscreens.

Among other models unveiled this week is also a handset that boasts a tiny 3-inch Bravia screen from Sony, and an “aroma” handset, the SO703i, made by Sony Ericsson for DoCoMo. It comes with scented sheets that are tucked into the phone to “relax” the user when he/she is talking.