Christmas might be over 11 months away, but get out that list to Santa. The following 10 gadgets in order are our top gadgets and gizmos from the last week shown and unveiled at both CES 2007 in Las Vegas and Macworld 2007 in San Francisco.

10. OLPC laptop
It might be for developing countries, but if the One Laptop Per Child project gets offered to joe public then this is going to great if all you want it a word processor and simple internet browser. You'll want it for the statement and the fact its only going to cost you £50.

9. SlingCatcher
The Slingbox sent your TV signal anywhere in the world, now the company launched the SlingCatcher that acts as a “reverse Slingbox” to deliver video to TVs located around the home as well as in remote locations. You'll want it because anything that can be viewed on the PC can thus be viewed on a TV.

8. LG Blu-ray HD DVD player
We love the quality of Blu-ray, we love the quality of HD DVD, but we don't want to get involved in a format war and back the wrong one. Seems LG doesn't either with the launch of a dual player. You'll want it because it will allow you to have the pick of both formats.

7. Philips wireless HDMI
If you've got your flat-screen television mounted on the wall then chances are you've got a bunch of cables running down the wall as well. Philips has created a wireless HDMI device that will stream the HD signal from 10ft away. You'll want it because it open the doors to a wire free TV stand.

6. Samsung Bluetooth television
The TV giant has added Bluetooth connectivity to its latest range of LCD televisions. You want it because you'll be able to wirelessly pair Bluetooth enabled headphones so you can listen to the sound without disturbing anyone else and using the TVs built in memory card send images to a nearby printer without cables.

5. HP TouchSmart PC
Sporting a 19-inch widescreen touchscreen display and optional built-in printer the TouchSmart hopes to become the hub of the digital home and act like a notice board and information centre. You'll want it because it's incredibly easy to use and means that you won't be stuck in the study or the spare room.

4. Griffin Evolve wireless iPod speakers
Yet another speaker system for the iPod, but this one lets you not only charge the iPod, but also its two battery powered speakers. You'll want it because it will allow you to take your music into any room of the house without the hassle of wires.

3. Polaroid photo backup
Trying to take the snooze factor out of backup, Polaroid has announced a storage drive that searches for just pictures on your PC and backs them up it its 40GB hard drive. You'll want it because it means that your digital snaps will be safe in minutes without having to backup your whole drive every time.

2. Kodak Wi-Fi picture frame
Digital photo frames aren't new, however Kodak has gone one better than the competition and added Wi-Fi support for its new 10-inch and 8-inch models. You'll want it because it will take most memory cards the ability to view pictures from your home PC or online KODAK Gallery.

1. Apple iPhone
It might offer all the same features as Windows Mobile 5 and have a keyboard that could be difficult to use and no come with 3G connectivity, but there is something that Apple does to its products that makes them ooze style, and the iPhone is no exception. You'll want it because you'll be the envy of your friends, oh and you'll be able to do more than just phone them about it.