VoIP provider Jajah has decided to offer free calls on Christmas Day to alleviate some of the high costs associated with making phone calls on this day, when friends and family are trying to reach each other.

In a recent study, the UK, unsurprisingly, turned out to be the most expensive country in Europe for making calls on Christmas Day, with people expected to make 172 million calls at a cost of almost £1.4 billion.

The study calculated the cost of seven calls: one local, two mobile, two national, and two internal, each for 10 minutes.

The results showed that the average household will spend £10.06 on calls, while in Spain people will only have to fork out £6.02 for the same.

Jajah therefore is offering free calling for the whole of Christmas Day, which actually extends from 11pm on 24 December until 10am on 26 December.

To use Jajah, you must first register with the site, and then simply input both your phone number and the number you wish to call. Both phones ring simultaneously and are then connected via VoIP.

Free Christmas calls apply to Zone 1 and Zone 2 for both mobile and landlines; Zone 3 landline calls only apply.