T-Mobile has announced that it’s the first UK operator to extend its adult and illegal Content Lock feature to BlackBerry devices.

The feature is switched on by default for all of T-Mobile’s customers, but over-18s can ask for the Content Lock to be removed. They have to provide credit card details or an identity check on the web or in store.

Since BlackBerrys are designed for and usually purchased by business users who are over 18, it seems rather strange that this function has been extended to the devices.

Content Lock filters adult and illegal web site, and blocks access to adult-rated site as well as online child abuse content. The latter is always blocked, even if the Content Lock is turned off.

It also blocks gambling and unmoderated chatrooms.

The service has been available other T-Mobile consumer phones other than RIM’s devices since January 2005.

“Content Lock blocks access to illegal internet content and reinforces the protection measures we have in place, providing a safe and secure environment for all our customers”, said Robyn Durie, Regulatory Counsel for T-Mobile UK.