Cingular and MySpace have come to an agreement to put an application to give direct access to the website on to mobile phones.

The application will not be free to use, however; the service will cost $2.99 a month for Cingular customers.

Users will be able to more easily access MySpace from their mobiles, and login to upload images taken on cameraphones, read and respond to messages, update blogs, and search for friends on the site.

The application works on a Java platform. About 30 mobile phones are supported, with another 20 to be added in the next few weeks.

Rather surprisingly, users won't be able to view videos hosted on MySpace, but that function is expected to be added in 2007.

US mobile service provider Helios also offers MySpace, but Cingular is expected to offer a “more expansive” version.

The move will likely draw the younger demographic to Cingular for the service, as MySpace currently boasts around 130 million user profiles.